Eva Jospin, a sensitive and inspired artist soon at the Palace of the Popes

Eva Jospin, a sensitive and inspired artist soon at the Palace of the Popes

It will not be until June 30, 2023 to discover the monumental works of Eva Jospin exhibited at the Popes' Palace

Eva Jospin is above all a distinguished guest
The visual artist, a former resident of the Villa Medici – an academy of France in Rome, has exhibited her works in major museums, from the Palais de Tokyo to the Palazzo Dei Diamenti in Ferrara to the Hayward Gallery in London. She also unveiled several monumental installations in the context of specific commissions such as the centre of the square courtyard of the Louvre in 2016, or closer to us at the Montmajour Abbey in 2020. She also created lasting works in various places such as Le Passage in Nantes and the installation Folie in Chaumont-sur-Loire. More recently she inaugurated Microclima, an installation imagined as a winter garden in the Max Mara store in Milan. It is known for its impressive architectural and forest sculptures made of cardboard, paper, natural elements or silk thread.

Invited to invest the Palace of the Popes with Palazzo
The invitation made by the Mayor of Avignon, Cécile Helle to the "Virtuoso Artist of Matter" Eva Jospin to invest in the Palace of the Popes – thus taking over the prestigious names Salgado, Yan Pei-Ming, Ernest Pignon-Ernest – is the prelude to the festivities of the Programme Avignon Terre de Culture 2025. «We wanted to be able to present works that resonate with the Palace of the Popes, inviting also an artist of international renown but not necessarily well known by the general public» says Cécile Helle during the presentation of this great Summer Exhibition that will be held from June 30 to January 7, 2024. The exhibition will be included in the entrance ticket to the Popes' Palace.

At this invitation Eva Jospin offers a stroll
I love this region, this city open on a territory that I know well for having come there often during the Festival among others. I immediately wanted to spread out in the Palace of the Popes and to work on the idea of course, a stroll through the rooms by confronting the plant, the naturalness with the minerality of the Palace of the Popes. Hence the title «Palazzo».

A process of creation in situ
I came twice to locate the places, to confront the different spaces and the scales, to think about this wandering that I want dreamlike. I was tremendously supported for the installation project. There were no obstacles, only solutions! Keeping the idea of the Palace, I wanted to take back the large embroidery drapes and decorate the walls as the Palaces were decorated. Really play on this question of everything that is found in a palace: ornamentation, crafts, forms: architecture, hangings, furniture. Reveal the spirit of Palais, its natural dimension with the convergence of all trades, the intersection of know-how.

Three monumental sculptures will take place under the vault of the Grande Chapelle
The sculpture «Court side, garden side», already exhibited at the Carreau du Temple in Paris but which here takes all its meaning. The courtyard side with its colonnades and its inclined theatrical plan symbolizes the Palace with its laws and the garden side a magical place with wood, caves, chaos, passion.
Visitors will then pass through the sculpture «Nymphées» particularly noticed during the Maison Dior parade in spring 2023.  The Cénopathe, already admired at Montmajour Abbey in 2020, will erect its columns covered with chiseled wools like so many plant veins.

Other spaces invested
In the room of the Tinel, fragments of the work «Silk Chamber», and a high relief «Galleria» in the room of the Facing. To date 6 works are known but there will be many more because my daydreaming through this palace palace is not over. At the end of the installation there may be surprises, other creations.» confided Eva Jospin. Indeed other sculptures will be produced specifically for «Palazzo» as for example a work suspended in the chimney shaft that culminates more than twenty meters in the center of the Haute Cuisine.
Palazzo. June 30, 2023 to January 7, 2024. From 6.50 to 12€. Exhibition included. Palais des Papes. Www.palais-des-papes.com

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