After 4 years of works, the Opera Grand Avignon reopens its doors.

After 4 years of works, the Opera Grand Avignon reopens its doors.

After its inauguration last Thursday, October 14th, let's take a look back at these 4 years of rehabilitation which offer the Opera Grand Avignon a new youth and promise beautiful projects in its "chorus".

It is a unique adventure in France! Nowhere else in our country has an opera house been renovated from top to bottom and reopened a few years later. A unique case accentuated by the sanitary crisis which caused many delays in this restoration.

Roofs, facade, decorations, control room: time for modernization
Respecting the 19th century architecture while bringing modernity to the infrastructures was the delicate and audacious objective of this complete renovation.
24 million euros were needed to bring the building up to date. Neither caprice nor luxury, it was rather an emergency. Four years ago, the fire department had issued a ban on the use of the building, which was too fragile and dangerous at the time, notably because the electricity was no longer up to standard.
It was therefore necessary to renovate and update the entire opera house. If from a safety and accessibility point of view everything was improved, it is especially at the level of the technical platform that the modernization is visible.
Air conditioning and optimal air treatment, a more powerful lighting system and motorization of the scenic equipment such as the carriers... A new way of working for the teams who have to adapt "it's less physical effort but it's more concentration and attention", explains the head stagehand Olivier Kinoo.

Thanks to these works, the Opera Grand Avignon becomes a unique place for directors who will be able to develop more creativity with more sophisticated shows.

Exterior and interior: a complete aesthetic restoration
For this building dating from 1847, the renovation of the façade was essential. With its 7 roofs redone, the head of Apollo which has regained its nose and the statues of Molière and Corneille which welcome the public on either side of the entrances, the opera house now appears as new.
And it continues inside. From the entrance hall, the atmosphere is one of fresh paint and shiny floors.
In the theater, the newness is also felt. The ceiling, listed as a historical monument, has been restored step by step. First, a precise cleaning square centimeters by square centimeters and then the reattachment with a syringe of each part of this majestic sky. This one shelters in its center the so coveted chandelier and for good reason! Placed at 17 meters high, it is composed of 626 pieces entirely in Limoges porcelain, gilded with fine gold on one of their faces. Created by the designer Sylvie Maréchal, it weighs no less than 550 kilos and is 5.5 meters high. Enough to illuminate the room but also the eyes of the public.

Finally, the room has been completely restructured. Surprisingly, it now offers fewer seats: 953 seats compared to 1,100 before. A necessary sacrifice for more comfort: more legroom, improved seating, wider seats and armrests, and above all a view of the stage for all.

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Source : Réouverture Opéra d'Avignon