Services offered by our prestige real estate agency

Achat vente propriétés hôtel particulier appartement ancien mas bastide château

Service, thoroughness and discretion

We are pleased to offer a personalized and mindful assistance, from the beginning of your real estate project, whether it is selling or buying, up to the signature of the authentic deed of sale.

Our main services are the following:

Evaluation of your property, based on a confirmed experience of several years in the field of luxury real estate, thanks to an economic and legal training related to the real estate market
(Diplôme de la Construction et de l’Habitat d’Aix-en-Provence)

Advice on how to enhance the properties that we have in our portfolio and optimization of your commercial strategy.

Annual presence in the luxury real estate newspapers, national and international, thanks to advertising ads, interviews and news stories.

An elegant and functional bilingual website, to enhance the properties that we have to offer as well as our partnerships with specialized companies in the field of real estate, located in France and in the countries of residence of our client base.

A high quality and bilingual brochure, enhancing the properties that we have for sale.

Creation of videos for our properties, displayed on our social media.

Regular share of information about the properties of our portfolio to our national and international client base.

Establishing relationships with our partners, who are well-known professionals in their fields, able to communicate within the native language of our client base, in order to offer a personalized follow-up, efficient and with a sense of discretion (notaries, lawyers, bankers, chartered accountants, wealth management advisors, architects, technical experts).